We back your digital sales.

Even if you know exactly what you are looking for or if it feels more like a jungle, we got you. Digital sales to us is as warm as a freshly baked bun by a loving baker, and we know, cause we’ve been that baker too.

What We Offer.

Call it growth, digital sales, online marketing or whatever you like. What it’s really about is matching the right business idea with the best customer and building experiences that they love to use. 

We live for really good business ideas, but they are worthless if not paired with the right customer and not built in a proper way. That’s where our joy is.


Do you need that extra team player? The one who loves to get their hands dirty? Or do you need help with a task that you haven't got the time to complete? We are here to help. ​


We have educated content writers at Berghs in seo, communicators in web analytics, and inspired companies to put more focus on their digital channels.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? We love to zoom out and look at the bigger picture, do audits, make plans, and think about the future. ​

about us.

We're marketing nerds.

It might sound a bit soulless. But yes, we still get the same thrill when we discuss branding ideas or marketing campaigns as we did when we started our very first business a decade ago. 

But how did we get into consulting?

A few years ago we got asked to help a family-owned business with their website, and we quickly understood that consulting was our thing. To be able to help other businesses improve their digital sales and get paid to do it. Well hello, we were officially in heaven. 

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Say Hi.

Is everything crystal clear or does it feel like a jungle? No matter if you know exactly what you need help with or if you don’t have a clue where to begin. Just fill in the form and we’ll discuss it together, virtually or over a bun or two. ☕️

Is everything crystal clear or does it feel like a jungle? Fill in the form and we’ll discuss it together. Virtually or over a bun or two. ☕️

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Lisa & Erik AB
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